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  Who We Are


    We have been trained as a clinical social worker (MSW), & as therapists / psychotherapists with Masters degrees in counseling / counselling which centred on psychology & psychological studies. This includes psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral / behavioural, developmental, systemic & narrative models, etc..

    We do marital work (marriage, couples, relationships), as well as working with family, child / children, youth, teen & individual mental health issues. This includes guidance regarding abuse, depression, anxiety, grief, bereavement, gender struggles, etc..

    Our goal is to help you sort out, work through & heal any relevant past or present hurts (& their resulting influences on your life & relationships), & any communication, power struggle, intimacy or spiritual issues that may be hindering your marriage, family, etc..




  Steve Cadman MSW  : Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling / Counselling
                                   Inner Healing

          1.   30+ years professional counseling / counselling experience
                25   years in Christian private practice
                10   years using various Christian Inner Healing models


          2.   completed all required AAMFT academic courses (American Assoc. of
                                                                                  Marriage & Family Therapy)


                completed 200+ hours AAMFT supervision




  Context of our Value Base


     Our counseling services are available to both Christians & non-Christians alike (as per our Mission Statement), & for both we integrate our spirituality only to the degree that people request & are comfortable with.   We are respectful of others being in somewhat different places than we are in the life journeys we walk out, & are also aware that many have been hurt or offended religiously by others in their past. 


    We do not try to force our Christian value base or beliefs on others, although it can at times affect what goals we feel comfortable about being able to work on, because there are a handful of moral & spiritual issues where we will not be comfortable in counseling contrary to our beliefs. These issues generally do not tend to come up in most people's counseling though.


      We come from a spiritual, biblical perspective so when requested we also function as pastoral counselors / counsellors in addition to being professional counselors, marriage & family therapists.   We are very comfortable with prayer & the inclusion of scripture where this is requested & desired, yet even then it will be integrated only to the degree that people are comfortable with.



Who we are : MSW 30+ years counseling experience

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